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Posted 07/01/19 by Webguy Under Intro Permalink 1561987382

Founding Board : We are in charge

Associate Board : They think they are in charge


Spouse: (Kayana)

The Explorer

Boldly going where no man has gone recently.

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Posted 06/30/19 21:17:05 by Webguy Under Associate Board Permalink 1561943825
Mr B

Spouse: (Sarah)

The Carpenter

Hardest working man in show business.

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Posted 06/30/19 21:13:56 by Webguy Under Associate Board Permalink 1561943636
Agent J


Just saying: never seen him and Chuck Norris in the same room.

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Posted 06/30/19 21:26:46 by Webguy Under Associate Board Permalink 1561944406
The big M

The Adventurer

Brings his own photographer everywhere he goes.

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Posted 06/30/19 21:18:21 by Webguy Under Associate Board Permalink 1561943901
Mr O

The space cadet

All that and a bag of chips.

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Posted 06/30/19 21:25:59 by Webguy Under Associate Board Permalink 1561944359

Probationary Board