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PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

This site is coded in PHP. Some of the other languages may be better, more consistent, but it's what I use, and I can make it do what I want, usually.

The go-to site for the PHP coding language.

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Teresa Pennington

Teresa Pennington
This is a very, very very long caption with a lot of charaxcters


Teresa Pennington is a self-taught colored pencil artist with a talent she says is God-given. Often spending as much as four months on one drawing, she meticulously renders the scenery, landmarks, flora and fauna of Western North Carolina with an emphasis on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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Lost Province Productions

Lost Province Productions
My Long unupdated website


The webguy: a full service graphic design professional.

The location: mountains of Northwestern North Carolina.

Speaks: PHP, MySQL, CSS, Bootstrap.

Have laptop, will travel.


Web Design

Graphic and Logo Design


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Home of the HillBilly Geek
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Another Non-profit website has made the jump to lightspeed with the cmSlate system!

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