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cmSlate Stub

one small cms, from Hillbilly Geek
  cmSlate Stub : one small cms, from Hillbilly Geek

Welcome to the cmSlate Stub  

The ridiculously easy Content Management System
Welcome to the cmSlate Stub
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What we have here is a minimal, though complete instance of the cmSlate System. There are a number of templates available for page types such as an Image Gallery, Links, Directory, Calendar. There are Accordion style templates, Grouped templates where the posts are divided by Types, templates that show them ungrouped (but filterable) like the Journal. Custom types can always be developed.

cmSlate is crafted using Bootstrap 4, so it's mobile-ready. This will make Google happy. Getting more hits from Google will make you happy.

I offer competitively priced managed hosting for my sites. This is priced separately.

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More Stuff!
Home page Special Features:

Rotating Header Images: Reload the page to see another image.

News Ticker: Some like tickers, some don't. That's why it's an option

Image Carousel: A picture is worth 1K words. A Bootstrap feature, so it's mobile-friendly.

Index Page Counter: a bare-bones hit counter is located in the footer of the home page.

Social Media links: If you have a social media site, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, even Linkedin, we have you covered with automatic links. For one of the non-standard networking sites, ask the webguy.

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